Other Mechanical Repairs

Other Mechanical Repairs


Suspension, Alignment, A/C,
Exhaust & More

Alignment, A/C,
Exhaust & More


At Direct Automotive, we can fix many common exhaust problems. While we are not a full-fledged exhaust shop that does custom exhaust systems, we can do factory muffler replacement, minor exhaust leaks, and more!

A/C and Heating

Due to the extremes in temperature that we experience in Manitoba, the ability to keep cool in the summer months and to stay warm in the winter months is important to most drivers. Whether it be a bad blower motor, a bad A/C compressor or any other related repair – at Direct Automotive, we have the ability to get your car back to the perfect driving temperature in no time!


A wheel alignment could be needed for many reasons. Some of the common causes are if your car is wobbling or veering left or right at higher speeds. At Direct Automotive, we are able to accurately diagnose the problem and have your hands at 10 and 2 again in no time!

Exhaust FAQ’s

What causes a noisy muffler?
Mufflers are usually noisy as a result of a leak or hole in the muffler or a breakdown of the internal baffling of the muffler. Mufflers are designed to “muffle” or control the sound that emits from your engine. If there is a hole in the muffler or elsewhere in the exhaust system, the exhaust will escape prior to being exposed to the sound deadening material found inside of the muffler.
What are common types of exhaust issues?

The primary role of the exhaust system on your vehicle is to route the exhaust fumes emitted from your engine out to the rear of your vehicle in a safe, quiet, and efficient manner. It is important to repair exhaust leaks to ensure you are being environmentally responsible as well as for the sake of your own health. The reason exhausts exit to the rear of the vehicle is to make sure the fumes don’t end up back in the cabin of the vehicle and potentially harm the passengers. It is also important to ensure good exhaust flow so that your vehicle performs as it was intended to. If your exhaust system is plugged, it can actually harm your engine…think of it as the engines way of exhaling! Common types of exhaust issues include:

  • Plugged catalytic converters
  • Leaking exhaust
  • Failed oxygen sensor(s)

A/C & Heating FAQ’s

Why does it take my car so long to blow cold air?
The most common reason a vehicle takes a long time to produce cold air is because it is low on refrigerant. If you’re A/C system doesn’t have the full refrigerant capacity, it is unable to cool the air as efficiently. If it is losing refrigerant, it is most likely as a result of a leak somewhere in the system, which should be fixed as soon as possible as the refrigerant is very harmful to the environment.
Why does it take so long for my car to blow hot air?
Often times when a vehicle takes a long time to blow hot air, it is a result of a non-functional heater core.  Sometimes flow through the heater core is restricted, and a heater core flush can address this issue. Other times, the heater core may need to be replaced.
Why did my air conditioning stop working?
There are many components in an A/C system. You’re A/C system might simply be low on refrigerant or it could be a more serious issue like a bad compressor or condenser. The best way to test an A/C system is to bring it in for a Nitrogen Test. A nitrogen test is $65 and the a/c system is pressurized with nitrogen and to check for leaks. Nitrogen is much safer to work with than the refrigerant and is also more cost effective.

Alignment FAQ’s

When to get a wheel alignment done?
Wheel alignments should be done after changing suspension or steering related components. By replacing worn parts with new ones, the alignment angles may change drastically or slightly. For the sake of your own safety, and so that your tires and other parts wear evenly an alignment is always recommended after working on suspension or steering components. Another reason to get an alignment done is if you notice your tires are wearing unevenly or “cupping”. A simple $89.95 alignment could drastically extend the life of your tires.

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