Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Keeping the oil fresh in your vehicle is important to keep your engine running properly now and in the future. There are a lot of moving parts inside of an engine that need lubrication in order to function properly and not overheat. At Direct Automotive, we can service all makes and models.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should i change my oil?
You should change your oil at least as often as suggested in your vehicles owner’s manual. If you are unsure when your last oil change was done, check the dipstick and look to make sure the oil level is reading at the suggested level and check the colour of the oil while you are at it. Clean and fresh engine oil should look golden-brown in colour, if it is very dark brown or black, it is time to change your oil.
How Often Should I Change My Oil

Oil life expectancy will vary depending on the vehicle, its factory recommended settings, and the type of oil and filter used. As a general guideline, we use the following:

  • Conventional oil with economy or medium filter = Change every 5000-6000 KM’s
  • Full Synthetic oil with medium filter = Change every 7000-8000 KM’s
  • Full Synthetic oil with premium filter = Change every 8000-10000 KM’s
What Is The Difference Between Synthetic And Regular Oil
Conventional oil is a lubricant that is derived directly from crude oil. Synthetic oil actually starts out as conventional but is then modified to improve its lubrication and protection properties. Simply put synthetic oil is engineered to do a better job than conventional. In fact, most modern vehicles require the use of synthetic oil. It is also important to remember that it is possible to use synthetic oil in vehicles that call for conventional oil, but conventional oil should not be used in vehicles that call for synthetic.
What Is The Price of an Oil Change?

Pricing for oil changes will vary by year/make/model, and especially in diesel applications. We do however have a standing oil change special for $79.99 which includes up to 5L of full synthetic oil (or $65 for conventional), a Fram oil filter, a fluids top up if required, and a visual brake and suspension check.

What does oil, lube & filter mean?
Oil, Lube, & Filter is a common phrase used in the automotive service industry that represents a point form description of the work that is being performed. When you bring your car in for Oil, Lube, & Filter (or OLF) you will receive fresh engine oil, a new engine oil filter, and the greasable chassis and vehicle suspension components are lubricated.
How long does an oil change take?
Scheduled oil changes take approximately 20-30 minutes while you wait, but feel free to leave it with us for the day and we will have it ready for a time of your choice.

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