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Vehicle Diagnostics & Inspections

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Diagnostics, Seasonal & Safety Inspections

At Direct Automotive, we have the mechanical expertise and the tools to accurately diagnose your vehicle to ensure it is both safe and mechanically sound. We also have the ability to explain to you what is going on with your vehicle in terms that everyone can understand. We realize that not everyone speaks the mechanic jargon often used in the industry. Whether you need a diagnosis, a seasonal inspection, or even a Manitoba Safety certificate, we can take care of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Manitoba Safety Inspection?
You require a valid safety Certificate of Inspection (COI) to register a newly acquired vehicle in Manitoba. A COI confirms that, at the time of inspection, a vehicle met basic standards for operation in Manitoba. A COI doesn’t include a detailed inspection of the engine or transmission and is not a guarantee of the overall quality of the vehicle. A COI provides a snapshot of the vehicle condition at the time of inspection. This condition can change over time and it is a good idea to have your vehicle fully inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchase.
How do I find out why my check engine light is on?
To check what is prompting a dashboard light to come on, generally the vehicle has to be hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool. It is tedious we know, but once the scan tool reads the error codes our team is able to diagnose the problem. The light could be prompted by a variety of things ranging in expense. If your engine light is flashing, it is important that you turn the car off and call us right away as that is a sign of a serious issue. At Direct Automotive, we have the latest Snap-On diagnostic tool to scan your vehicle for fault codes and help make sense as to why that engine light is on.  Our charge for scan tool diagnostics is $65 per scan.
How do I find out if my car needs any repairs?
Many issues can be diagnosed in a matter of minutes by a trained mechanic either visually or by running some simple tests. Other times, for more complicated issues we can plug in our snap on diagnostic tool into your vehicle and run tests directly through your engine computer.

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