Auto Services


Auto Repair Services

Brake Services

  • Do you need new Brakes?
  • Looking for general cost of pads and rotors?
  • Wondering how to tell if you need new brakes?

Suspension, Alignment, A/C & More

  • Vehicle suspension making a funny noise?
  • Is your vehicle drifting or wobbling at high speeds?
  • Is your vehicle’s heat or A/C not faulty?

Major Mechanical Repair

  • Looking to do an engine swap?
  • Need a transmission replacement?
  • Buying back a ‘totaled’ vehicle?


Oil Change

  • Need an oil change?
  • Don’t know when an oil change is needed?
  • Want to know general pricing?

Scheduled Maintenance & Tune-Ups

  • Vehicle is running abnormally?
  • Following a maintenance schedule?
  • Curious as to how long a part will last?

Tire Services

  • Need a tire repair?
  • Looking to change over winter tires?
  • Pricing out new tires?

Vehicle Diagnostics & Inspections

  • Looking to complete a Manitoba Safety Inspection?
  • Wanting to diagnose an issue with your vehicle?
  • Looking to for future red flags on repairs?

Home Mechanic?

Looking to Purchase Parts for a Home Automotive Project?
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