Shop Rate & Common Prices

Our Shop Rates

Shop Rates & Common Repairs

Shop Rates &
Common Repairs

Our Shop Rate
Our Shop Rate is $120/Hour
Oil, Lube & Filter
From $79.99

Includes: Fram Oil Filter, Irving – Full Synthetic Oil, Fluids Top Up, Visual Brake & Suspension Check *Price reflects up to 5L of oil

Brake Replacement
$300 – $600 per axle

Includes both brake pads and rotors. *Contact us for a vehicle specific quote*

Seasonal Tire Changeovers, Tire Repair, or Tire Mount & Balance
Mount & Balance: $30.00 Per Tire

Mounting and balancing is necessary when switching on summer and winter tires, or if you have new tires needing to be installed.

Tire Repair (Plug): $24.00 Each

Tire plugs are necessary when a tire is punctured within the tread. If the hole is deemed plug-able, it is a quick fix that usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Seasonal Tire Swap On Rims or Tire Rotation: $60.00

If you have winter tires pre-mounted, it is a simple process to swap them for the tires on the car and rotate the tires at the same time if necessary.

4 Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment could be needed for many reasons. Some of the common causes are if your car is wobbling or veering left or right at higher speeds.

Manitoba Safety Inspection

You require a valid safety Certificate of Inspection (COI) to register a newly acquired vehicle in Manitoba. A COI confirms that, at the time of inspection, a vehicle met basic standards for operation in Manitoba. A COI doesn’t include a detailed inspection of the engine or transmission and is not a guarantee of the overall quality of the vehicle. A COI provides a snapshot of the vehicle condition at the time of inspection. This condition can change over time and it is a good idea to have your vehicle fully inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchase.

Air Conditioning Service

R134A Sytem test/Leak diagnosis: $149.95 + refrigerant

1234YF System test/Leak Diagnosis: $199.95 + refrigerant

Warranty on Repairs

Included on all eligible repairs, you will be covered for 2 years/40,000km’s on parts and labour anywhere in North America. You will also receive free roadside assistance for 2 years!

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